Gym Rules & Regulations


1. Fill In The Admission Form With Correct Information And Sign It. If You Are Under 18 Years Of Age Then The Admissio Form Also Needs To Be Signed By The Guardian.
2. Submit A Photocopy Of Any Photo Identity Proof. Eg: Voter Card, Driving License, Adhar Card,Etc.
3. Submit 2 Recent Passport Size Photographs, One For The Admission Form And The Other For Your Identity Card.


1. All users should wear appropriate apparel and footwear to comply with the requirements of the Gymnasium, otherwise the access to and use of such facilities will be refused.
2. Please do not use any footwear that you use outside on the gym floor. Carry a clean pair of shoes for use only inside the gym floor.
3. Large towel, Gloves, Yoga Mat, Bath accessories, etc may be carried as per requirement.


1. You must be a member of the gym use the facilities in the gym. This is not a gathering area for friends or groups of people so please enter only if you are current member or desire to become a member.
2. Membership fees are non-refundable.
3. Membership is non-tranferable.
4. All members must be atleast 16years of age. Children under 16years are trained here on special request under guidance.
5. Re-rack and replace weights after use. 
6. Drop weights slowly.
7. We discourage dropping of weights, emotional outbursts and loud grunting while working out.
8. Please respect others who are trying to exercise. No teasing anyone.
9. Do not take excess weight. Weight locks must be used at all times while using barbells.Take help from your trainer or co-member.
10. Proper workout attire is mandatory. No street clothes and shoes are allowed.
11. Towel must be brought along by all members. Place towel on benches and instruments to maintain cleanliness and hygiene for other members.
12. Members are to wipe off sweat from instruments after use.
13. Do not misbehave or cause annoyance to other members or staff.
14. Loitering, smoking, drug use and chewing gum or gutkha or coming to the gym after consuming alcohol or in intoxicated condition is not permitted.
15. No entry will be given to members in intoxicated conditions.
16. Do not use your cell phones in the gym floor so as to cause annoyance to other members.
17. Turn of the lights and fans when not required. Save Electricity.
18. Do not waste water unnecessarily in the washroom. Close taps properly. Keep toilets clean for use by other members.
19. No dunking or abuse of equipments.
20. No loud or offensive language or behavior.
21. If no staff is present, please take caution while exercising.
22. Please do not use any cardio equipments for more than 15 minutes at a stretch. Give opportunity to other members.
23. Please turn off all cardio equipments after each use.
24. TV and Music system are not to be handled by the members without permission.
25. Do not deface or destroy any property within the gym including walls, floors, equipments, restroom facilities. Incase you do so, you will be penalized as to the cost of the repair or replacement.
26. A member who causes loss or damage to equipments due to negligence shall bear the cost of repairing or replacing the equipment.
27. Each strength training machine has instructions for use. Please follow these instructions and do not make up your own ways to use the equipments.
28. Do not tamper with the equipments.
29. Incase of equipment malfunction, please bring it to the knowledge of the management.
30. The management is not responsible for your personal belongings. Please keep them safely at your own risk.
31. Incase of an equipment failure or load shedding please co-operate with the management.
32. Please produce a fitness certificate from an authorized medical practioner before taking admission as a member.
33. Steam bath / Sauna bath / Gym supplements and other facilities are available at extra costs.
34. You cannot bring your own fitness equipments, i.e. weights, benches, etc. However, you can bring your own yoga mats for hygienic reasons.
35. All personal belongings must be kept off workout floor. Backpacks, etc should be stored in the lockers. 
36. Please co-operate with the gym management incase any equipment / machinery is not functioning and give time for repair or replacement.
37. There is no ownership of lockers. They are used on a first come-first serve basis. Carry your own locks. Unlock and empty the lockers before leaving the gym. Lockers are not for long term usage.
38. Management reserves the right to expel any member upon failure to follow the rules and regulations and there would be no refund of payment in such a case.
39. Rules, regulations and facilities are subject to change without notice.
40. Members shall have to comply with additional rules and regulations as may be imposed from time to time.
41. Use the parking area for parking your vehicles.